Heating, cooling, ventilation, sewage, medical installation, fire and automatic control installations are made by us in the business center. Shops are climated with fan coil installation. Made with installations of exhaust and fresh air system inside of the shops. Fast food capacities are made with chimney hood exhaust ventilation system. Sprinks and fire cabinets as well as a fire system were installed in the entire work center. The computer is commanded by control. The project is completed in 24 months

Used Products

  • 2 Units Heating Boiler
  • 111 Units Fan coil
  • 3 Units Hermetic Combi Boiler
  • 23 Units Fire Cabinets
  • 1 Unit Fire Hydrophore
  • 15 Units Heating – Cooling Circulation Pump
  • 15 Air Handling Units
  • 9 Units Cell Aspirator
  • 1 Unit 45 Ton Modular Water Depot
  • 1 Unit Using Water Hidraforu
  • 1 Unit Group Automatic Control (Automation)