In project scope; There is a 40-floored hotel, a 40-floor business center and office blocks, a 40-floor residence and business center, two 28-floor Residence, two 18-storey Residence, and 2-floor covered parking. In this project, HAVMEKSAN undertook the tasks of designing, projecting, projecting, consulting, preparation of explorations, preparation of detailed projects on site, approval by Chechnya Government and finalization project of all mechanical installation projects of RUSSIA SNIPs. In addition, HAVMEKSAN provided services for material procurement consultancy and project implementation consultancy for mechanical installation work items within the scope of the project. The project completed with seven people for a total of 12 months. During this period, from the beginning to the end of the project; We have worked hard on system efficiency, energy consumption, costs and proper system selection. We were in the discipline and in the awareness that a great work of 350,000 m2 would be the vital point. We have held many meetings and negotiations with the Electrical Installment Project and the Static Project companies, which are the mechanical installation project topics. We gave a lot of effort to bring the project to the right and the perfect project, and we brought the project to the fountain. In the project; We had a project coordinator, two mechanical engineers, one chemical engineer and three technician friends who worked day and night when needed and had a very intensive, disciplined and rigorous project duration.