Cyber park business center project was done in two stages. The first stage is made as two blocks and the second stage as one block. The first stage was carried out in 2007 and the second stage in 2003. In the first stage project, air conditioning was done by using natural gas channel type air conditioners. In the second stage project, climatization was done with fancoil and air-conditioning plants. The production and installation of the entire ventilation system is made by us in both projects. In addition, about 60% of the rented premises are projected and all mechanical installations are done. The project was made with partial materials and the following devices were used. The first project is completed in 12 months and the second project is completed in 12 months.

Used Products

  • 72 Units Channeled Type Air Conditioner
  • 18 Units Cell Aspirator
  • 16 Air Handling Units
  • 280 Units Fancoil
  • 4 Units Stair Pressure Fan
  • 3 Units Dust Collecting System