Atatürk University Faculty of Pharmacy

Only ventilation system only is applied in whole building. Ventilation installation project has been made after you have made the application. Above mentioned devices and ventilation system connected to them are made. The project is completed in 8 months.

Used Products

  • 3 Air Handling Units
  • 4 Units Cell Aspirator
  • 1 Unit Roof-Top Aspirator

Atatürk University Yakutiye Hospital

The hospital is equipped with heating radiator system and cooling ventilation system. Because the hospital is a research and practice hospital, all units are available. In the scope of the project; There are 1 block of 10 floors and 5 blocks of 4 floors. All operating rooms, intensive care units, etc. are heated and cooled with hygienic ventilation system. The project is completed in 3 years.Heating, cooling ventilation, fire protection, sanitary installation and automatic control system are built in the whole of the hospital.

Used Products

  • 1 Unit Air Cooled Group
  • 30 Air Handling Units
  • 5 Hygienic Air Handling Units
  • 40 Units Steam Moisturizer
  • 32 Units Cell Aspirator
  • 11 Units Channeled Type Air Conditioning
  • 24 VAV CAV Units
  • 1 Unit 100 Tons Water Storage
  • 1 Unit Fire Hydrophore
  • 1 Unit Using Water Hydrophore
  • 2 Units Boilers
  • 6 Units Heating Circuit Plate
  • 24 Units Heating - Cooling Circulation Pump